to dgadmin about private messages

to dgadmin about private messages

Hello dgadmin,

I thought if you sent a private message to someone on here they would be able to read your e-mail address. I just made an attempt at sending my personal e-mail address to a member here on the site and after sending the message I notice that part of my e-mail address is not present in the private message I sent to the member. What am I doing wrong?


Mike Phillips


Michael S. Phillips

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Private msg's

Hello Mike; I have not tried it myself-- but: for a private E-mail to not be blanked out as in the open posts like this one that anyone can read and reply to as in the web site rules. To send "Private E-mail to someone. First go over to top left side of Deans site labeled: "Main Section". In that look forth up from the bottom of that section. It is Labeled "My Inbox". Click that and then it takes you to the "Private message section". While typing and sending and receiving in that area it should work. Maybe, don't know but maybe it still blanks it out for all except the person directly you are sending your private e-mail to? Good luck. Layman T. Scott President of Scott Housing & Rentals,LLC

We block out emails for two reasons

This post is for everyone.

1) To help keep you from getting spam.
2) To keep predatory companies from getting ahold of the members to try to get them involved in **** situations, basically ripping people off. Sometimes these people will even claim they work for us, or on behalf of us. If ever in doubt call our customer support.

Say you want to send your email to someone by PM. Do it like this:
joe@yah**.com (replace "*" with "o")

Just know that there are really great people here for the most part, but there will always be some bad guys out there looking to take advantage of people who are new to the game and don't have the experience yet to realize they have bad intentions. Just always be careful, take your time and do all the homework and verifications.

Concerned about PM I received promoting non-DG, REI related...

opportunity. I did not know this DG member, nor have I ever seen his name on this site before. Is there a way to block him from sending my any more PMs with irrelevant information that I didn't ask for and have no interest in?

Thanks in advance,
Suzi P.

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