Tell me this isn't a dream....

Tell me this isn't a dream....

We just finished day 1 of 3 in Dean's training in Los Angeles and I have to tell you that I believe that we can infact do this and make lots of money in the process!

Its all really clicking to me and revealing new questions at the same time. I just wish I could afford the Academy or a Mentor, I know it would make a huge difference but just can't right now. I'll plan on using the proceeds from our first deal, yeah its that important!

Rick & Peggy


Wishing you Happiness and Prosperity,
Rick & Peggy
Eagles Crest Properties

LA Investor

I'm mainly interested in properties in northern Los Angeles county....San Fernando Valley/Burbank/Glendale/San Gabriel Valley/Foothill and surrounding areas.

3/1+ SFH/Condo/Townehouse 1,000+ sq/ft. Fixer OK. Main objective is to rehab and flip.

No REOs or SHORT SALES. I will only deal with OWNER SELLERS.

Price range depends on the area. Prefer to hover at or below 350K, but the more important thing is to see how much below FMV a deal it is. I will be buying cash and require quick closing.

Please PM me if you want to close some deals.