PM messaging

PM messaging

Hello, As a new member I'm confused ;-( - When I PM someone where do I check for a reply?
Mike in San Diego



In The main section Click on MY Inbox or your account Hope that Helps.
Jay C


Jay C


Jay C is right. You will also see at the top of the page a message saying that you have a PM.

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Glad you posted this question

I had the same thought. I just joined about 2 weeks ago. I'm still searching & browsing about the site looking for things. Now, thanks to you, I have an answer to one question. Thank you very much. I never object to any help from family members (DG REI) via PM or Email (posted on my profile page). I'm up to Chapter 6 now, in the book!


2 weeks DAN !! GO DAN GO !!!

I just found it accidentally

I just found it accidentally a minute b4 I saw your post-Oh well I PM'd Matt and Rena Still nothing in my inbox-