i need help

i need help

i don't know how to start can some one send me a private message expelling how step by step because im running out of money fast and i need to support my mom dad and kid to move out of this bad neighborhood


What do you need

What have you done to accomplish your dream, Its had to help if i don;t know were you are at. Have you read the books and if so which ones and how many times. Are you a member of the success acamandy and if so do you use the coaching staff'




Read the forums

Sorry about your situation, but most of the people on here don't have the time to constantly repeat the same thing time after time about topics that have been explained in detail several times over.

I hope you do find some answers, but please don't expect people to give their time if you haven't given yours

Hope it helps


OUCH!! now Elix..

Not trying to be rude

blessed beyond measure wrote:
OUCH!! now Elix..

at all, but how many threads do we have with people wanting a step by step tutorial???

Nothing at all wrong with asking questions, but if you don't even understand the basics how can you expect to even converse with someone and they take you serious???

Like I said intent was not to be rude but informative