State, County, Town Research, and Hello

State, County, Town Research, and Hello

Hello all,

I am new here and this is my first post. However I have been here a couple of times and browsed around. I want to let everyone know that I see a great relationship here with everyone.

Anyway, I've came here today to place my first post and hopefully it will help some get the information they may be looking for.

Dean, I received your book just yesterday. I am only on chapter 4. Well, after reading chapter 3 regarding 'Starting an Analysis' I eventually went to google and was doing a search 'what is the population of (town or city) I wanted to know the population of. Anyway, I have found t sources of what I think is great info to get some analysis where a person can find the price range of homes, the selling price of homes (median and average) prices in whatever area someone is searching as well as total sold. All the statistics. This site is at relohomesearch . com and it's free.

Then from there, at the bottom of what ever page/tab you are on, either statistic, home sales, schools, local resources, or cost of living, at the bottom is a link that will take you to even more data. Like the age, crime rate, etc. of a particular town or city.

I know this a little long for a first post, but I just feel like it might help anyone who's looking for finding some of the information that you mention in chapter 3 of your recent book 'Your Town Your Real Estate Profits'.

Thank you Dean for the help and motivation that you give individuals, and to everyone else that contributes their stories of how they've made it from beginning. The combination of both is as perfect of a match as I can think of in today's world of helping anyone who really has the desire to succeed in this industry. This is how training and learning should be done.

I know I will succeed. But just like I'm sure a lot of you know, and from what I've read, it's that first move/step out of our comfort zone that is the hardest, but has to be taken in order to be closer to where we want to be.

Here's an excerpt from my daily motivator I got today.

If you wait until conditions are perfect, you'll be waiting forever. Go ahead with the way things are, with what you have, and get busy creating new value.

You are surrounded by great abundance. Yet in order to
benefit from that abundance, you must make positive and diligent use of it.

Stand up straight, take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and get busy making good things happen.This is your moment to act, and to lift up your world. R.M.

Well, hello and it's nice to finally me all of you. Hope to be back with questions and answers. And of course my first story of success!

Mike Smiling


Another good site (only in select areas)

Dean makes one small comment at the end of the book but for anyone around Chicagoland (and other select cities) try REDFIN.COM

Has all the things you will want to compare (always compare to other info you have) in your searches. Recently sold data is in there too.

My only other comment is DO NOT rely on crime stats off the internet... either go ask a cop "off the record" - the best question to ask is "would you buy 123 Main St and live there?" If you asked me that (yes I'm a street cop)I could at least give you an idea if you're in a really bad neighborhood. I'm not allowed to answer if you ask me "is this a good neighborhood?", but I would tell you if I would live there. If you are nice and politely ask for a few minutes to talk, (don't bother them on a traffic stop!) the right police officer could possibly save you a lot of money in damages from tenants....

Good amount of data

Hello Jamf, Nice to meet you.

Has all the things you will want to compare (always compare to other info you have) in your searches. Recently sold data is in there too.

Yes the site I mentioned does give the data to recently sold, also, housing inventory for vacant rented and sold, housing stability, population demographics broken down by age, education index from no high school to graduate degree, workforce, income by dollar range,home values for sales activity and recent home sales price trend, home sales summary of each year broken down into each quarter.

There is alot of information there. I'm just trying to share other good sources for research. It will give you information on what ever zip code you want.

Anyway, it's nice meeting you JAMF. I hope you found the info helpful.
Hope this helps.

Every day is a great day,
Mike Smiling

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