New market

New market

I am a beginner investors and ran into a little discouraging situation. I am not sure why it is but when I talk to an owner who wants selling their home but does not want me to help them. It is because I'm in the Alaskan's market and no one is willing to be open about creative methods of selling their home? I am not sure what it is, any advise would help. thank you.


New Market

If that area isn't working, expand to another. Since your going to wholesale, you can do that over the internet, phone, & fax. It's the same principles.


hhmmm.... you are right. I haven't thought of that. Thanks.


it's disappointing because of the potential profit that this market can bring. I might just have to change investing location.


Please believe me. It will work anywhere If you want it to and don't let fear stand in the way. If you are going at this and thinking you are going to get every deal, you are not. Don't give up' I have a friend in Anchorage Alaska. And HES doing great at this.




Thanks, for the encouragement. I thought that since Anchorage is isolated, no one is willing to invest up here. I'm glad to know that there someone in my home town trying to make this happen. =)

Just move on to the next.

Just move on to the next. Don't take it seriously and you'll get discourage. Move on. Columbus said Sail on, Sail on, Sail on, and on. Blessings to all. LA


Everytime you repeat the words "I CAN DO IT" with conviction, you cancel or override your fear and increase your confidence. By repeating this affirmation over and over, you can eventually build your courage and confidence to the point where you are unafraid. -Brian Tracy-

Tracy and e

Thank you for your support. I will try until there is no more home owners to talk to.

They'll sell to you....

if you give them a reason to believe its in their best interest to work with you

Tell them with you, they'll get to save money on fees, while with an agent, 6% comes off the top. With you, the buyer pays your that doesn't factor into the selling price.

Don't tell them where you live unless they ask and get your pitch out first so that once you've locked them it wouldn't matter if you were calling them from jail; if you can help it wouldn't matter.

Let everyone said, it will work and if these people don't fit what you're trying to do, move on


I was even thinking to lock down the price and then tell them that I'm going to pass on the property. I think this is a little unethical but still I will disclose it at the end.


Why is it that when something doesn't work immediately that people make excuses and blame someone/something else? What happened to the people of America? Get out there and be creative! Once someone tells you "no" or it doesn't work out the way you planned it, you fold up like an accordian.

There's this woman named Karma....

mesheltran wrote:
I was even thinking to lock down the price and then tell them that I'm going to pass on the property. I think this is a little unethical but still I will disclose it at the end.

and she's going to buy you a drink before you close your first deal

If its something where you have to crap on someone and do something blatantly wrong, you will at some point get yours in return

So two months from now if you open a thread that reads


We will all remember the day you wanted to screw someone else over just to cash a check. Like the movie, just 'Do The Right Thing'

e, elixbrown

you guys are right. I shouldn't even thought of that. I do love the idea of telling them what they want. e- that was a good example.

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