New Hello and just getting going

New Hello and just getting going

I have finally ordered the Your Town startup book set and videos after what seems like years watching Dean's infomercials. I am half way thru the book and am taking furious notes. I work with billionares everyday (I fly corporate jets) - and some day would like to have some extra money - realistically hundreds of dollars per month... billions like my passengers? Maybe...but I'll take $300 per month extra!

I do not quite yet know where to begin with the no money down options... I vaguely know the concept but am afraid

1) someone at a bank or real estate office will tell me that's a scam or something and worry me...
2) people will not take a stranger seriously when calling or answering ads etc...
3) how much do all the attorney's and other people cost during these transactions? Surely they don't give you all this help for free... but the book doesn't mention that at least yet....
4) My wife is a skeptic ...yikes... I am excited about all this but she looks at me like I am from Pluto!

look forward to being on here and learning more - peter


Welcome to the DG family Pete!

LMAO, You are too funny Peter. My wife still doesnt believe and I have made deals already. She keeps saying im going to jail for real estate fraud lol.
Listen, It works but you just have to put 100% honest effort into it. If you really put the work into it you will succeed. I did it, but it wasnt easy and I failed a lot in the beginning but never gave up. Now I have my second property closing coming up and have others in the works.

Listen, If you need any help just pm me and I will see what I can do for you.

best of luck

thanks! I am believing all

thanks! I am believing all this is real... although part of me thinks it is still not... yet... here is everyone! I have no money to put down and will start with that... but first I feel I must read both books first then talk to the guy who calls me from deangraziosi wanting to help... I just haven't had time to speak more than once to him... but I will.

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