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Hazel King
Lawrenceville, Georgia
About Me: 

I'm a single woman who is on disability. I have been listening to Dean for several months now and I really want to become a part of the team/family. Transportation is limited and I am surrounded with people that think it can't work or are not interested and need something to work NOW with all the bill piling up. I have listened to three of the conferences by phone and computer and I am excited about getting started but, by the time I hang up or sit and think about my situation, I talk myself out of it. How do I stop doing that? I wish I had someone to talk me through this. Should I join the Academy? Does it cost money to join? I'll submitt my name and see. THANK YOU.

Crafts and decorating, I have and enjoyed mentoring youth in lifestyle skills, I feel led to encourage those who are not where they think they should be in life, Shopping and coordinationg clothes is my most enjoyable hobbie but my lest participation in due to lack of money.

Basic Info

Retired Youth Mentor and Community Coordinator
Have Child(ren)
Some College
In a Relationship

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Mainly Just This One