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Just a note to say welcome to the greatest opportunity by far! The site is amazing. You will be able to find the answer to most questions you may have. What you are not able to find you can post a question. Again welcome! Much success to you........Lubertha

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I am presently in NC found some property two house's side by side.The owner is willing to do a rent to own one house is livable and the other needs about 5,ooo dollars for a kitchen and some cosmetics that needs to be done to the second house the first house is ready to move in I am presently working with a income of 1,200 monthly.Is there a such thing as a broke person like me that can buy somthing and become an owner.he wants 75.000 for the house that is livible which I think is too much at 550.00 dollars a month. is there a method where I cand buy with not money and get some money after closing???