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Mr. & Mrs.Matthew Campbell
Pinson Alabama
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My company has relocated me to Alabama. I currently hold a position as a Production Manager. My family likes it here in Alabama which makes me like it because their happy. I have a beautiful wife which is my cheerleader(good support system),and business partner in REI.We have 4 children 2 girls and 2 boys ages 14,12,6 and 11mth.
I have always wanted to invest in Real estate and become a millionare.My main objective is to work from home,spend more time with family,take vacations.We have alot of ups and down through out our marriage and lives. My family together wants this opportunity of using Deans program to get us to our goals.We are looking for good mentorship through this process.

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Matthew , is a Production Manager. Beatrice Quality Engineer by trade currenty a Domestic Engineer
Have Child(ren)
Some College


Buying with no money down

My wife and I have been in process of taken Deans courses we are currently working on course #5 Short sales. That being said we have been trying to work the program we have not yet been successful at any type of flip. But we have found our target area, we have my sister who is in need of finding a house in 3 weeks here in Alabama. We have our business name and its in process of being registered with the state of Alabama and business cards are getting printed. We know we can be successful at doing this but yet we have not felt the feeling of we are moving in the right direction. My wife and I have called many time to the advisory line,they have been helpful but we are looking for strong mentorship. This past Friday my wife and I looked for houses with my sister.This was a truly eduacational experience for us.