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hey sully here, you do seem

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hey sully here, you do seem a little confused, "birddoggers" are NOT on any kind of web site per-se, they are real people that help you look for great deals and then you pay them, you can pay them per deal(that closes) or per lead(like 5$-$10 per qualified lead), then pay them a BONUS if their lead closes(like $500). You can find "birdoggers" by marketing or advertising for them, in the local newspaper, internet, etc., place an AD that states something like this: Tired Of Working HARD for what seems like pennies an HOUR, be your own boss, unlimited income potential, no selling, great for college students, work FT or PT, helping a real estate investor, must have transportation. If interested call (xxx)xxx-xxxx ask for sully, YOUR HERO, SULLY.