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Still in the process of setting up my dairy farm.

Also working on my second real estate investment. I recently bought 5 acres of raw land for $9,500.00 which I feel was a great buy. I am currently working on setting up a building on it which I intend to rent out little 10'X10' booths for $15 a day, for folks to have a little farmers market area. I figure I will be able to bring in about $1200 a month. The building will cost only about $5,000.00 for erection. I will be having positive cash flow from here I figured within 3 years.
The other deal up my sleeve is buying a whole city block in town. It consists of 13 lots of 140'X50'. I am close to closing on this. I have this deal almost closed at $10,000.00 cash out. That makes each lot purchased for under $800.00. I plan on setting double wide mobiles on these lots and renting them out. I figure I am looking at having a positive cash flow after about a years work on this project. I am not going to disclose the amount yet but I will be close to about $7,000.00 a month positive cash flow.

thanks for getting me started. I can't wait to find the next investment.


REAL ESTATE,,, Spending Time with my little girl...and Farming

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