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I did contact customer service recently although it did take some time to find them, unfortunately I cannot remember how I finally reached them. I sent several emails - no response so I think that clearly that is not the way to go. or I had the wrong email address. If you have any phone number whatsoever, even if it is a number to order products, call and ask for a transfer to customer service. I think I just called every number I could find until someone was willing to help me resolve my issue.
If all else fails, start a new forum topic and ask the general community for help. Do it when a lot of people are online though, when you see names of people who post often .. (Rina, sistreat, cbrpower etc.. if you see names of people online that you do not recognise then they are new people who will not know the answer to your questions and when there are no responses to your thread it goes into archives or something! FYI I see some of the most experienced members of this site online early in the morning or early in the evening.