I.R.B.,CORP.,LTD/LLC. (aka/dba) L.O.R.,LTD/LLC.
Bridgeport, Connecticut.
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Description; Welcome Guests, Investors & Entrepreneurs: We are the New England R/E Promotions & Resale...though we do Business under our parent Company name I.R.B.,CORP.,LTD/LLC. Your one stop shop for ALL of your National R/E Investment needs, dedicated to helping Home and Property Owner(s) through these turbulent times in the R/E market...though specializing in the New England area Real Estate Investing Services. Find homes for sale and area information for Connecticut, NY, NJ and their surrounding New England states. We specialize in representing clients in the purchase and sale of Homes, Businesses and Land, both Nationally as well as within Connecticut and the above mentioned areas. We keep current of All transactions in R/E Marketing Investments, Promotions, Mortgages as well as Property Management Services...and use leading edge technology to provide clients with current and accurate property information. We have Great deals on Foreclosed Homes...starting As LOW As $10,000. GET THE BEST DEAL ON A NEW HOME TODAY!. Home and Property Owner(s), Are You Interested In Selling Your House, Property or Mortgage??...We buy Houses, Properties and Mortgages FAST!. We look at ALL properties in ANY condition. Sell your House, Property or Mortgage to us, and get an OFFER from a direct buyer today...Fast Close!. Also, STOP Foreclosure On Your Home Today!. If you're 90 days or more behind on your mortgage payments, we'll provide you with the help you need to protect your home and your family. For FULL Details, we invite you to visit http://irbcorp.buyforeclosing.com/ NOW...or http://allin1promotions.googlepages.com/ and when you’re ready for Your referral consultation, simply E-Mail our friendly Customer Care team TODAY At: irbcorp@****. For your convenience, ALL Referral consultation is conducted by E-Mail. Investors, we're currently accepting Limited Partnerships of ALL Cash/Credit Investors for various Residential & Commercial portfolio holdings...both here in the USA as well as overseas (In Such Places As Costa Rica - Panama - Brazil & Others) if interested in joining us, and/or obtaining further FREE details please E-Mail our Investor's Relations Department at the above E-Mail address.

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