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Hello all! I am an Air Force brat, an ex-Army wife, and a seafood restaurant manager and I have had it! I have been a single mother for 10 years now and I am done struggling just to survive! All I have known is "work harder, make more money". I thought I was doing well, and teaching my daughter a good work ethic so that she would surely do better than myself. I didn't realize that I was teaching her a sure way to a life of exhausting work, borderline poverty, and blindness to a better way of life. I haven't even finished reading Dean's book and my whole world has changed! Wow! Now I can teach my daughter (who is a single mother as well) that success does not mean putting your head down, punching a clock and just barely avoiding having to be on any kind of state or federal aid!

Reading, spending time with my family, kyaking, swimming

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Hi Wendy

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Just wanted to drop in & say hello, welcome to DG w/REI. If you have any questions feel free to ask me that's what we're all here for. Much success to you on REI Smiling

John A.