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Super townhome investment opportunity

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I have a very good quality, location, location, location townhome in Clayton, NC (near Raleigh) that I want to sell. 2BR 2 and 1/2 BA, with large eat-in kitchen, bay window, gas fireplace, TV nook, surround sound, back fenced! patio that is landscaped. It's a two story, built 2000 and has 1220 sq feet. Great buy, good condition. I would love it if one of Dean's students bought it, but would also like to ask your help to put out the word on this property. I could keep it and rent it, but would prefer to sell or lease to own. $97,900 or $105,000 at lease to buy.
Thanks! Sy

Super townhome

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Dear Staff:
I am having trouble getting my townhome posted in the classifieds. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I would like to sell to one of Dean's students, like myself. Thanks,


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How close are you to Raleigh. I have someone that might be interested in it.