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Hello My name is lisa staggers and I am reading Deans book!!!! I am a single mom and started reading this book on the behalf of my ex sister-in-law and im glad I did. I only wanted to start on a new book and she ordered this one and thought that it would be a good read!!!! Well It is and I have not put it down yet... I am a new mom so I am very excited about what I have read so far. I hope that you guys will take this "Greeny" under your wings and I will see you at the TOP!!!!!!

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Good Morning All!!!! I just bought Dean Graziosis book and I cant put it down. I am interested in working my first short sale but I am as green as they come!!!! I have found a list of pre foreclosures but a lil lost as to what I do from there... Can anyone please help me?????? Thanks so much ........

hey...i remember when i was

hey...i remember when i was "green" where are you located and are you in contact with your possible pf lead?