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well i love investment of all kinds, faith,family,fittness,finance,fun,fundamental, femals. i just have a true passion for the welfare of the people not only here in the united states but also for the people around the world. i move here from a Cambodia ,escaping from the war at the age of 4. so leterally born and raise in the East side san jose. about 17 i had my 1st child, then 5 yrs later my 2nd. what a blessing . read my 1st book, Robert K. rich dad poor dad.. that was like opening the pandora box but with a differnt side effect to it.i was nver the same agian. the view point that i got was like some thing out of this world.. then started to think a little differnt after that.. been and check out many seminars read lots of books .. but the only thing that i ran into that was the icing on the cake was my faith... been involved with the tons of people that wakes up at night and sleeps in the morings. got into troubles that almost cause me and my friends our lives on numerous occasion.. than i ask and seek there i knock .. and now i know what my true purpose is.... a voice in my dreams says... Volark , "even when your walking on thin waters you must not back down to defeat even in the peresents of death".. i had a revalation that night... it was life changing for me.. only now have i awoking from my fallen state. im greatful for all things under the sun, for it had tought me that my afflictions is for my gain... after evaulating my life for the pass 10 years i needed a way out. burn all bridges that leads to my own destruction and now im riding the waves of rainbows in my coldest days.. well that basiclly sums it up.. thanks for reading it thus far. May God Bless you in all that you do.... and never never never give up!!! much love volark

investing in life/reading/learing all things / meditate/ i love nauture!!

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