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I am in a pickle, I have tried to learn this RE investing and know it is right at my finger tips.Now I am in a position of facing foreclosure. I have listed it on craigslist, and had three responses. But no deal yet. I am missing the mark somehow,HELP. I live in Vancouver,WA i AM APROVED FOR A SHORT SALE ,But I need to have someone help me.I was trying to get finders fee by listing it and allow someone else to negotiate with the bank. I am not working I am on workers comp of very low income for past three years. I believe RE Investing is the way to go but I keep hitting a wall of no deal- I was hoping to sale to a investor and with some of my equity get a investor with good credit to help me get into a lease option I can afford vs the 1800 a month I owe now in a house I can't sell because I owe more than it is worth. With the short sale price I am guessing ARV will include 80-100k equity . My house needs flooring throughout and some doors replaced to be nice and a few other minor things.I estimate carpet and tile to be largest costs total to be less than 5k. The house is 1996 sq ft I have little time left. Help!


I have paid for at least 4 different gurus education totaling around $20K to learn how to wholesale, which in and of itself doesn't seem so hard, but what I have found in my area is; realtors have locked up all the info to reos and all the foreclosures are going back to the beneficiarys, I have gone to the auctions and found realtors are buying only a select few 95% are going back to the bank. If my buyers list is all realtors who can get info first how can i beat them? I am desperately needing to earn income and continue to hit block walls,HELP??