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What can I do to get over my Fear?

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I'm doing all the reading and feels like I can do it ,But when I think about it I'm overcome with fear.
What can I do ? I'm taking nots and
have made contact with a Realtor and have sent him a Robotic message. and he have in return sent me a Real Estate Agent which he think will work with me, but when try to call him my fear takes over and I cant do it.

Dealing with your Fear

Fear is the opposite of Faith, believe in yourself and your efforts and kick fear to the side, remember, it does not cost to ask a question. Now, step out onto the rough waters and don't look down. Post a list of your goals and hang the list all around your office/house. This will help you keep focused, also cut out some photo shots of what your dream house looks like and work towards your goals.