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I'm writing because I get so lost in all the information that comes with real estate. As i look at properties I find my self asking questions like how do I know if this is a good deal, or in the right area? As I read through BARM it keeps me motivated and drives me to push for what comes next, but I'm still a little weak on my feet when it comes to taking the first step. I joined the success academy, and to be honest i have not utilized them as much as I need to be due to where I am currently employed. When i think I have a deal, I get lost on how to find all the information that will make me better educated and able to make a smarter decision. Now, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to how the real estate process works, but I'm ready to make a difference in my life. I'm currently located in a smaller town dependant on oil field to keep it's economy going around here (part of the reason why a lot of 3bd 2ba homes in this area are $300,000+ still). This causes me to look elsewhere for real estate deals, but the problem with that is that my target area is 4 hours away in the town I went to college in. I know it's growth rate and what it's projected to be, as well as great areas with potential properties for cash flow or even short sales, but it's hard for me to get there and do the hand/foot work. Can anyone offer any advice on how I can get more information and become better educated on investing away from where I am located?