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Hello Everyone,

I am a 22 year old, recent graduate from Marist College with an Advertising Degree and a minor in Art and Design. My father recently showed me Dean Graziosi's Real Estate DVD and I am currently reading the "Become a Real Estate Millionaire" book. I want in! I want in to the "financial freedom club!" After reviewing my student loans and realizing it will be around 128,000 dollars for the next 20+ years, I want/have/NEED to make this my life.

I am new to real estate, and do not have anything close to a substantial bank account, but that makes me a perfect candidate for investing in Real Estate!

If anyone actually reads these profiles; I need help! Help is reciprocal of course, so I am more than willing to do my share and more, of research and hard work to make our dreams, goals and sought after life styles a reality.

Drawing, Racquetball, Volleyball, meeting new people, traveling, Mother Nature, Women and Humor.

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