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Aicha Bascaro
Atlanta, GA
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22+ year veteran in the Corporate Rat Race. I am done with trying to convince people how smart and capable I am. I decided to take matter into my own hands.

This summer I finally graduated with a Business Degree (Summa Cum Laude). I have also been getting educated in real estate and other matters using resources like Dean's books and websites.

A month ago my husband and I bought our first real estate investment (after seeing dozens of homes and making 6 failed offers. In 25 days we bought the property, fixed it (mostly touch ups) and rented for a cashflow of over $400. We closed on our second property about 10 days ago and we are making a plan for this one because it needs more work but it is in a better golf-swim-tennis community. Truly the ugliest house on the block. We expect to have a better cash flow than the first one.

It is SO exiting to put in action what we have been learning and I can't wait to rent this one and move to the next one.

Thank you Dean for your passion and enthusiasm. It is truly contagious.
I listened to your taped conf call from 10/1 and made me want to quit my job and dedicate myself to real estate full time. I is not smart. I won't do it, but I do have the goal to be Financially FREE by my birthday of 2011 (Dec). That means that I have 2 years to make it happen. I make it happen I will.

Real Estate, Residual Income, Cash Floe, Passive Income, Reading, my Family, being healthy, making a difference.

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I see we have a number of new people listed this morning, you being one of them. Welcome to the real estate family of Dean Graziosi, and may you do well in your real estate endeavors. Pas. Greg