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Catherine Carson
Montgomery, Texas
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I am currently employed with the US Postal Service. At this time I am off on Worker's Comp, injured while on duty. May not be able to return due to the back injury. I am just totally down about the whole thing.
I have been married for 31 years and have 3 children, I lost 1 of my sons in 2004 due to complications (kidney failure) from his disabilities he was born with.
I am also a grandmother of a beautiful boy who is now 4 months.

I was sitting up watching TV on one of my many sleepless nights from pain in the back when Dean Graziosi appeared on the Infomercial. He really caught my attention, I thought hey, he seems to be the real thing and not just another scam artist, there is sincerety in his eyes and voice, I believe I can do this, so I ordered his book "BARM", so here I am folks, will need lots and lots of help and support.

Love a variety of music, reading, computer games, camping and fishing, sitting out by the lake with a fire and a cup of coffee listening to nature, family and friend gatherings, shopping (fleamarkets, trade markets, resale, dept stores, malls), my children, grandson and my great niece, and also my pets (Boxer, Chichuaha, Boston Terrier, Calico Cat).

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Rural Route Mail Carrier
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