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My first 2 deals...need help on one of them

My 1st deal.....my uncle and his g/f have a place together. Just last week they went through a bad break and now they want to get out of their house fast. So they were going to get with their realtor and try to sell fast. They didn't care if they broke even or even made 1 or 2k on the house. I have no clue what was going through my head at first but it took me a couple days to realize that I had a deal right under my nose. So I quickly called my uncle the day before he called his realtor and told him that I would take his house for $79,500 and they accepted. They paid $78,500 back in 2002. The comps are between $115K and $125K now which is about $35,500-$45,500 in profit for me Smiling Boooyyy if i only knew then what i know now.

Now my 2nd deal...My realtor has a historic property listed at $128,900 and its in very very good shape. My realtor just got a verbal agreement for $105K. I already have buyers in place who want to purchase the property from me using a lease option but I can't purchase the property because I already have my uncles house in the works under my name. Plus the seller wont do a lease option with me because he needs the $105K to go into his next investment. Any thoughts?