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Joseph Lamont Sweatt
Kentucy and Tennessee
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I am currently in the Army. I have just move to this area and excited about getting started.

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First Foreclosure Auction joe136 years 29 weeks ago

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Please show how to get a list for foreclosure.

Hi Joe.

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Which areas are you looking for a list of?


P.S. Thanks for making your first post. And thank you so much for serving our country. Smiling


I am looking in a small area call oak grove on the stateline road of tennensse and kentucky near fort campbell.

Sorry Joe....

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I sent you a PM by mistake ment to contact Indiana-Joe!!
Honest mistake....
are you active with REI?

Alex Rubio from Houston

Yes it is ok how is your

Yes it is ok how is your business going if you dont mine me asking

Hello! Thank for replying I

Thank for replying I have just got back from iraq and my life seems a little upside down but it a litte area call oak grooves on the boarder line of TN near a town call Hopinsville near Fort Campbell Ky.