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Gregory L Forsythe
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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I am a fifty-five year old working man that has had an interest in the current real estate market; I have had an eye on the rampant foreclosures that have occurred over the last year. It seems as if crimes have occurred in the financial scheme of many mortgage companies and/or financial institutions. With the rising interests rates that have occurred because of these schemes many aspiring owners are losing their homes. Dean is correct in saying this situation does have precedence. I am looking for the tools to have this market relieve me of the financial woes that are ready to come about because of the unfair practice used by these institutions. I just received the book "Be A Real Estate Millionaire," today, March 03, 2008. I would like to "Generate [my] Down Payment in 30 Days," so I ask for all the help that each team member has for me.

Gregory L Forsythe/Harrisburg

Golfing, Bicycle Riding, Antiques, Penn State Football

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