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Evelyn C. Wells husband Bill
9375 St. Rt. 45 Lisbon Ohio 44432
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I'm a Philippine lady arrived here in the US 7 July 2005. I'm married to Bill he is a disabled veteran. We are presently here in Ohio, and I would like to get into a business that would support both of us also something that we both could enjoy. I would like to settle past debt/accounts of my husband which made him more sick, because the credit card companies that he had bad prior debts from his previous marriage is always following him. We would love be able to purchase a mansion house beyond all aspects to live and have a wide variety of fruits and vegetable garden so that we can donate to the local charities and to the needy people.

To improve our standard of living to the highest in the world.

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Presently homemaker
Have Child(ren)
Completed College

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