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Well lets see I am out on my own. It's kind of hard. I work alot mostly from morning till night,I'm trying to save to get an apartment because my girl friend wants to move with me. I'm falling deeply in love with her, And want to make the best life with her,but back to the story,I grew up poor my whole life,I'm used to living this way. now my mother married this Italian guy when I was getting into freshman year in high school. He was nice at the beginning then we saw the real him when they got married, he threatened me once and hit me. But growing up was a fight every day him talking down to me and making my mother emotionally scared. So she got used to his customs of which wealth you know money! and got sadly attached because of financial reasons health benifits, house, new car you know the best thing's in life.Then eventually led to her becoming dead inside! eventually turning her against me to make him feel loved. Now I wouldn't say I was the best kid in that house, but I was very stubborn like all teanagers, Growing up just you and your mother,me being the mail figure in her life. But seeing him make her feel and him making me feel the way he treats her, I made a promise to myself I wanted to save her. So now me still there eventually got to the part that I couldn't take the abuse of him, we argued and lead to him hitting me but I stude up and won the fight. but there was an option that if my mother stude with me she would be financially done,you know medical benifits the esentials of life.GONE! so I chose a dessicion to pack my things and hit the road so she could be safe staying with him, I know he would never hit her. but he would me, I had to leave. So now I'm on my own jumping from place to place trying to survive. I have alot of really close friends that I stay with and is very pretty lucky with that. I have a vehicle and a cell phone thank god i can afford all that and I can kind of afford an appartment,so I'm trying to save, so I can get situated. Now I'm waiting for a test result for the postal office to call me for the job interview, I took the test which I proudly say I passed, but not sure yet! still waiting for that miracle call from them. So know I want to get into college very much but me as a young teen getting out of high school and not sure what im going to go for, sadly partyed and didn't take college siriously and now getting denied for a loan due to the money i owe to them and poor class scores.Thats one holding me back! Know I've decided I know that i'm very much interested in the business field and want to pursue a career in that profession. So i gave this real estate guy a try and bought his book which is back at my house that i hope i can get. But really want to try this real estate a try, not sure in which direction to go I have poor credit and have dificulty getting credit cards so I'm kind of lost right know but have ideas for my life. So I'f I can get a step in the right direction it would be great. I have very nice suits and clothes so i will look presentable for business and take profession seriously. know thats my about me that I will tell you I can go on for hours.

I love sports, like track, football,soccer,rock climbing, I love to custome build computers and also read alot of business books.

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