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Salt Lake City, Utah
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I am 51 year old single mother. I've had to relocate to Salt Lake City, Utah to help take care of my mother. I own a home through USDA in Hood River, Oregon. I've had to rent it out due to my situtaion here with my mom. I have had a hard time buildng up my credit due to that fact that back in 2003 I was forced to file for bankruptsy. I had a business there and the women renting next to me started her buisness on fire and it took "both" of us out!!! Since it was "arson" my Insurance Company walked away and I was left with NOTHING. But the cleanup. I worked very hard not to let my credit go down, I was NEVER late with my mortgage payments and still have never been late on any of my bills. But unfortantly the credit cards (2) that was attached to my business I had to let go, it was only a balance of 20,000. Anyway I have a good credit score condserting what happened. I am a very hard worker, actually a work-a-holic, you have to be to be a single mom. I am now wanting desperatly to get into realistate, I am getting to old to work as hard as I am and need some security in my life. I am looking at a couple of condos next to my mom's place to "lease option?" and I can stay close to her but have my own place too. I would appreciate any help you could offer me, help me get strong and started dabbling in realistate. "I'M READY" Thankyou for your help

working with my hands, leadership, being a mom, sewing, festivals

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