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Guess you could say I am the extreme. Intense research is my thing with properties. I have heard repulsion stories from potential buyers. Certain(not all)Sales Agents who handle final foreclosures(REO's)for certain mortgagee's. I refer to these(certain agents)as sidewalk Lawyers who never sat foot in a law school, let along passed the Bar exam. Only law studies they should be knowledgeable with is their State Real Estate Saleman examination covering the law of their state. I have come to believe many of those(certain agents)were absent on law day. Caveat emptor is a phase all of us should master when dealing with sidewalkers. Ear catcher phase: "Your probably not aware of the new revised state laws on real property purchases." When I hear this I immediate close my deal with that agent, because it is almost 98% BS. Like I said Caveat emptor means 'Buyer Beware' in Latin. I am not the smartest guy on this planet but almost. Tip to all who read this, if you do not know anything about home building basic. You should enroll in a basic course, or at least research with books from your local library. Do not try to do fixers that require structual repair. Home Depots(big orange book)is basic. When in doubt ask a professional, better yet ask 2 pro's opinion. It will save you lots of money and stress. I have renovated many homes, up and down the Eastern and Southern Panhandle. As a contractor who has 63(stick built)residential homes and several commercial projects under my belt. I would say am knowledgeable in the Buildings Trade. You got to enjoy renovating(if you don't brag on yourself, no one else will.)If your only doing this for extra income or think your going get rich overnight but hate getting dirty. I would say your in for a surprise when you hire a repairman. Install/relocate wall switch for example: Owner=$11.18 average with traveler. Electrician=$207.00 with traveler. How many repairman can you afford to have positive cash flow? Caution to Investors...Watch! Countrywide Bank as they are tricky, remember Caveat emptor. My 2nd pro opinion saved me over $70K. They would not reveal correct information to me when I asked. Sidewalker phase was popped up to me, 'your probably not aware of recent state law changes...' Watch-em' fellows, and remember always when in doubt. Think! Outside the box...

trashy and heavily damaged fixers, searching parcels, coin & vinyl LP's, and working on a past childhood project-'energy free' contraption.

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I would like to thank each and everyone of you who visit my profile. If any of us are going to be successful, and finally meet our goals we must communicate with each other in an honest manner. How else is anyone going to know beforehand if no one will let the air out, and get it off their chest. I am all for someones opinion and reasoning. I sincerely did not mean to offend anyone by telling my side of the story in my profile, but sometimes the truth hurts. To success in life you must do 1 thing. Be Honest!

Good Post !!

Excellent advise for people who are looking for handyman specials.Cleaning and painting is one thing,But do not try to attempt any structual repairs unless you know what your doing!
I've been in the constuction field for over 25 years and i,ve seen some "DUZZIES". ie. Removal or cutting of bearing walls, floor joists deeply notched to run conduit ect. ect. I can go on and on.
So again, Know your capabilities before jumping into A fixer upper.