Tacoma, Washington
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Married, have raised 5 children, 3 teens still at home. Been in Manufacturing management for 18 years. Helped build up companies only to see them sell, restructure, then realize I am not moving forward for myself. I welcomed being laid off from mid management in 1999, and left the stress behind. Resituated my objectives, monies...then 2000 and 2001 changed everything. Lost everything in several unrelated courses. Out of anger, I resolved to never trust anyone again, and opted to go underground and work alone. Been barely surviving, but always watching and listening. Dean has got things right, I just pray I can get back up and begin to run again with the right tools for success this time. Real Estate is where I need to be, though I am kinda scared to fail again. I want to trust and work hard, but this time to benefit my family, my wife and finally myself. Long story, short version.

I am creative, self motivated, and look forward to a new mentality towards investing. I have lost a lot in my past, but have forgiven and forgotten now. Though it has been very painful for the past 7 years, I am ready to refocus and grab this opportunity by the horns and run. I am very optimistic with Dean and his thought processes. I relate with him (through his infomercials, his book, and now his email audio messages). We look forward to learning and growing with all of you and Dean. May God keep our eyes wide open, and the winds at our backs as we prepare to sail with the real estate market wherever we live and however it blows. It is my sincere prayer we have the wisdom and motivation to see the currents of change as they come and have the knowledge to adjust our sails and remain on course. I know if we all join together on this voyage, we will arrive. I have total confidence this is the right boat to be on with you all. Thank you for holding a seat. Do we get peanuts on this trip?

May God truly bless everyone and your families. Lets all press on and NEVER look back!


Fishing, sand, colors, new ideas, making things, repairing things and make them better, cartooning, spending time with my family.

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Self survivor...barely. Served in the manufacturing arena for most of my slave career in management.
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