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How do I get started? I am almost done reading the book but it is hard to imagine HOW to start. HELP to anyone out there.

Look, you need to figure out

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Look, you need to figure out what your intentions are, meaning, what do you want to start out trying first? You need to ask yourself some questions like; do i have some money to put into my first deal, is my credit score high enough to get a mortgage? with the way the market is right now?If you answered NO to both questions than you should look into RE-ASSIGNING DEALS to get some cash flow for deals that require money out of pocket.If you answered YES to both, maybe you should start looking for PRE-FORECLOSURES and REO's,TAX PROPERTIES, depending on how much below market you can buy these properties,and the work needed to bring them up to sellable condition that will determine your next move: FIX & FLIP OR RENT 1 TO 2 YEARS then cash in.wheew,HOPE THIS HELPS.