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I just wanted to say all I ever dreamed of was to have my own real estate. I have taken all kinds of courses and seminars for over eight years, have spent thousands of dollars and I still did not own my own home. I just had a burning in my heart to be a real estate investor. People would tell me you can not be an investor you don't even own your own home. Those statements put fear in me. Then I got Deans course. Even with fear I just went on the faith of all I had heard from Dean and his students. Well, Dean has shown me the true light of this business. Right now I am getting ready to sign my first contract! No money, just work equity to help bring the property up to par. It will be a cash flow property for me. I am so excited I just can not believe this happening!! If anyone was to ask me I will tell them that they do not have a clue of what is out there waiting for them. If only you would just try, just try!! Thank you Dean. I pray that you and your family continue to have total health and a full life or happiness and joy. Know that what you do for people is being seen by God and he rewards.

I may not know you personally but I love you man!!