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Pedro Santiago
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I'm an outgoing guy that's open for new ideas. I try my best at everything that I do. Reaching the goals that I've set for myself isn't an option, I'm married with three lovely children and I only want nothing but the best for them.
I was born in the heart of spanish harlem("the ghetto", "the hood")in New York. My hard working parents never had the financial freedom they needed to live a comfortable life. Everyday was a struggle, I remember having to go to the store to ask for credit many times.
Now that I'm an adult I realize that life is not a game. The sacrifices, us as parents have to go through to take care of our children. I don't want my kids to go through the same struggles I have.
It feels like a cycle for every generation in my family, by being poor with bad credit and could never save a dime for the future. I want to be the one to change that. I want to be able to change myself, so I can help others in my family change their lives as well.
But in my family seeing is believing, so I will show them.
I purchased Dean's book and it really excites me to have someone at his level teach individuals like myself something so extraordinary. I was always into real estate but never took the time to learn the business because of negative reactions. I want to prove everyone wrong and show that change is good. I'm motivated and I WILL BE SUCCESSFULL!!

Family time, Music and Sports and now REAL ESTATE!!

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