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Tulsa, OK
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Travel last 25 years speaking to Churches about the Importance of investing in our children. But never invested in my own futre that is changing some, In the last year I have played around with flipping software and blogs, but never bought one till now, hope this works if I work it. I am going to take on investment full time and travel maybe 12 times a year. my wife and son are real estate agents and will be helping me in this new company.

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We are glad to have you here. I ma sure you will do a great job in your new venture and if you browse the post in the forum you will find a wealth of information.

I have a deal - need help

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have a person that owns 65k on and house, I have got him down to 78k for the house, the house is worth 92k, it needs 5k to 8k in repairs, I have a investor friend who I think will buy it for rental for 80k to 82k. my question how do I write it up so I get the 2k to 4k deal out of the sale.

and the investor wants to see the house this coming monday. NEED HELP

Hi Harold,

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Welcome to the DG family! Do you have the property under contract? Just put as the seller your name and/or assigns on the purchase agreement with the home owner. Then for the investor, you do an assignment contract with him for the amount you wish to sell him the house for. Two seperate contracts, one for each part of the deal. Does that clarify it for you?
Let us know if you need any more help.
Elena Laughing out loud

need help

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no not under contract, Just have a person looking for a rental and a person needing to sell fast

where do i find the contracts to write up