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Hey Dean,

I am going to be honest with you, I bought your book but only skimmed through it. My problem is I do not have any start up capital or enough time to work the no money down programs.

I lost my job of 18 years as a Manager at PNC Bank back in September of last year and have been hard pressed since then to find another.

I am now TRYING to sell mortgage insurance

Enough about that. The reason I am writing is because tonight I made a sales call to a gentleman who requested mortgage protection over a year ago. While I was making my sales pitch the gentleman explained to me that he had health problems which interfered with his ability to work (He ran his own business putting moulding in new houses). Because of the inability to work he could not pay his mortgage and his house is in foreclosure. He also needs an operation that he can not afford because he does not have health insurance.

After hearing his story I was very saddened. If my company would have contacted him before his health problems occurred he would not be loosing his house.

His family is in jeopardy of being kicked out onto the streets. And God only knows when he'll be able to get his operation. If only I knew how to help him.

Well long story short, when I got off the phone with him I automatically thought of you. I know you know of a way to help him, even if it is just preventing him and his family from loosing everything they have built to foreclosure.

I am not asking you to pay his bills or anything, but what if you buy his house so that this family can find a more affordable one and maybe he can get his operation.

I don't even know if you read your own emails, but this is worth a shot.


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I copied your post from here and reposted it under the forums topics. "Can anyone help" Please go to WHAT'S NEW on the left side of this page and find the post. Reply to it that you found it and then you will start receiving the reply from everyone that post to it. I hope that helps.

I found it.

I found it.

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