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need a little help

I just found this house .The lady owes 123,000 on it and the house needs about 20,000 in repairs. The market tax value is 147,500. She would like it if I leased it or owner contract it. The problem is that she also wants about 10,000 over what she owes. Can I still get the house and put it on the market as a as is house and hopefully find a buyer or am I going to run into problems getting it. What about getting it fixed and putting a renter in it. What do you think about this. This woould be my first deal. Then I got a call on a house in the getto. They want me to buy this house for 79,900. they have fixed it up and owe nothing on it . What do you think I should do with that. I have deals all around me but I have no money and credit is held up by one judgement I don't have the money to pay for.

need a little help #2

is there hope for me to make money on this. I live in atlanta, ga . IS there anyone who could help me with the deals and get me started. think

Its not easy to get it if you cannot get finanacing,

How are you going to buy it or rent it or even fix it without a loan from a bank? You have to get a loan for at least 30 thousand to put a dowpayment and fix it then sell it to make money. Forget the getto its a bad investment.