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Need advice

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I have found boarded up properties ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 on list prices. I don't have any money to put down. I am basically broke, only a few hundred dollars in savings. Do you feel I should go after these sort of properties or would it take too much resources and too much fix up money?


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find ot the status of your credit scores? What are they? Then see if you can pre-approved from a lender, if not then dig till you find property owner. Get all info on house go aback home, think about it a while and come up with a deal that will be a win win for both of you, with you putting no money up front to get in.

thanks for the reply

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I know my credit score is 720. I checked on free credit Do realtors typically get you in touch with owners or should I try another route?

with a...

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with a score like that anyone will finance you. Get pre-approval letter from mortgage broker and ask for lower interest rate than what they offer you. Ask them if loan amount is good for multiple purchases or just one at a time and go from there. PM if you need some help

They will finance me even

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They will finance me even though I don't have that much money saved up? I am basically living paycheck to paycheck right now. I pay off my bills in timely fashion, I just don't have much else left over.

Also, a realtor tipped me to

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Also, a realtor tipped me to commercial property near an outlet mall just off a busy interstate that is 2.6 acres of land. Comparable land beside it just sold for $3.50 per square foot or $630K. This land just went through foreclosure and is selling 93 cents per square foot or $129K. I have located a real estate investment club, but do not yet know of any investors. Any ideas on how I can get help putting money in on the deal?