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Nancy A. Chasteen
St. Charles County, Missouri
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Trying to hold my own here, in this strange land, for about 7 years now. Have come close to moving the right direction in real estate twice before. Always had a partner before, and now wanting to move on up on my own. I would like to help elderly clients to purchase, and benefit from the reverse mortgage program. So many are frightened to proceed on their own. I know this, simply because; my mainstay of income has been doing elder-care in their homes. Quite often they have outlived their families, or their children will not assist them any longer, and so the home is far too demanding and large now, and therefore; cumbersome. That is where I come in, doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, and running errands. I have heard them all say, they would love to move from their 2-4 bedroom home to something smaller, but the market scares them now. They do not like agents for the impression that they all are like lawyers... lol I have thought of starting my own LLC for this, but need to know what I must do in the state of MO to legally do so. This what I am tossing around in my mind. I have started a process for one client, who are the parents of a close friend, that want to move into the house next to him. I know the sellers and they do not want to be taken. So I am researching on how to write an offer involving the program I mentioned above. thanks for reading~

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