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Tim Hennes
Dallas/Fort Worth Texas
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Tired of the long hours and commute. Everyone I have heard of that has some sort of wealth has gotten there through real estate. I feel at 49 years old living pay check to pay check there has to be a better life out there and this seems to be my ticket. I will admit I am a procrastinator and really need someone to push me, hopefully by joining the success team I will become a non-procrastinator.

Excersing, watching football, seeking out other income streams, my kids

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General Manager
Have Child(ren)
Some College
In a Relationship

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New to the family

I have to tell you this looks and feels like a fantastic opportunity, but in the same breath I am scared to death as I was just informed 2 weeks ago I will be loosing my job at the end of the year. Long story short I have two months to get this going. I have already signed up for the success academy but have not had my initial interview. Any suggestions, words of Lore for a Newbee to the real estate game?

Tim Hennes


On the bottom of this page there are links for getting started etc, but when I select one it says access denied? are there fees associated with these links?