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3 weeks ago I received a post card with your picture on the front inviting me to a seminar on pre-forclosed properties. I thought you were finally coming to California to teach some of us "slow learners" exactly how your system works.I was very disappointed when all I heard all day was "buy this program, buy that program" And actually the only program that made sense to me was the purchasing of Tax Liens for almost $1300.00 to cover the training. I am a 61 year old heart patient, retired from the Movie Business on a fixed income who is just looking to supplement my income for if nothing else, to cover the medications I take on a daily basis. I am not known to be a complainer but that mailing was a misrepresentation of what that seminar was going to look like. At one point I thought of canceling my invitation because it sounded as if it was actually going to be a real estate auction. I would appreciate it if you would not share my address or e-mail address with businesses like this. If you are going to have a team of "your" trainers in the Los Angeles County area teaching "your" methods from your books anytime soon then I would like to be notified. Thank You...