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Joseph Albuquerque
Plainfield, NJ
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My mentor once told me, "Joey, success is not something you pursuit, success is something you become!"
It was 5 years ago that I made a decision to stop making excuses and decided to start making money!

Since than I have started a Real Estate investment company with no knowledge or previous experience in Real Estate, I accually didn't even pass the Real Estate exam, I didn't own a home, and I my credit was @#$%^&*! Well you know what i mean.

I have been doing real Estate part time since, and I have accually quadrupled my income from 30k a year to over 120k

I have done a couple of no money down transactions and I currently have 25 clients on my short sale pipeline

I was born in Brazil, my parents were not rich, but they were hardworking people and they tought me great values.

I had started many companies in the past, but non of them accually succeded!

My Goals for 2008.

- National & International Real Estate Speaker
- Have my 1st book signing by November 1st (Becoming Successful in todays market)
- Moving to California within 2 Months
- Selling my primary propery in Plainfield, NJ - Front Check $70k b4 Rehab - End Check after Rehab 60K - Total Rehab including caring cost 35k Six Months
- Learning Dean's techniques
- Invest in California REal Estate market
- learn how to take on land Development & comercial property

It's a pleasure to be involved in a group of like minded people!

The gratest value in life is not what you get!
The gratest value in life is who you become1
- Jim Rohn,

Life is a series of sells situations, the answer is always no if you don't ask!



I love to travel, learn Teach, Drawer, Speak, Build and Entertain

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Audio Transcription Manager for the 2nd largest Court Reporting Firm in the USA
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