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David V. Thomas
Los Angeles, CA
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May father and I are a unit in this business venture. He saw the infomercial on television and introduced it to me soon after. He felt that I would be able to retain the knowledge in the system faster and more efficiently especially due to my extra time on my hands alongside my youth. I am a struggling actor and vocal performing artist in Central LA hoping to turn things around for my father, my family and I towards prosperity and abundance in our lives. This project is a bit of a desperate measure for my father an I as he is approaching retirement, which is long overdue with little to look forward too fund-wise and I am in a self inflicted financial rut due to poor money management and bad decision making. I come to this enterprise with an open mind and positive attitude towards change. Mind you I'm only 21 however, I feel a great deal of obligation due to the legacy of my family and I truly believe that with perseverance and a little bit of "follow-through,"- not to mention a tremendous team of seasoned investors to show me the ropes I can not only catapult my financial situation to a greater state of being, but establish myself as an asset to Dean's elite. I eventually pray that I can help this company thrive along with my brother's record label, Digitalphunc Entertainment which he has invested so much time and money into for the advancement of our family and our community. He has also begun an online radio station, and I want to collaborate with him correlate both our AFF website and Foreclosure Relief services. Everything that has unfolded in my life withing the last year has been nothing less than a learning and growing process for me. I ask for no freebies, however I require a great amount of instruction and direction in the procedures that need be taken to ensure positive results. I humbly ask that you all bare with me and my "green moments." God bless you all, and I look forward to thriving with you all.
Go get your hands on my demo CD "DPE is in The House!" Produced by Capital C (My Brother)

I enjoy reading, writing songs, producing tracks, frestyling and working out. I'd like to book a new feature film soon. That would be awesome!

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