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Starting in San Diego

I would like to hear from someone about specific places to go to find investors and deals so I can hook them up as the "finder" for a fee. Any specific ideas?

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Hi Sherryjoy!
Welcome to the DG family!
REI Clubs are great places to find investors, realtors, mortgage brokers, contractors, whatever! Take a handful of business cards and hand them out while you get theirs. You can also find they advertise on pennysaver, thriftynickel, dandydime, shopper, whatever little weekly paper you have in your area under the we buy houses guys, craigslist and Call them and ask them what area they're interested in, what do they pay for a finders fee, what type of houses they're looking for, stuff like that. I think there's series of questions posted here somewhere...
That's how I started.
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