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Home Foreclosure

I am currently in Foreclosure, I have my home through USDA-RHS. I got behind on my payments, I offered them more than enough to cover my past due payments but to no avail. They will not work with me at all. My debt to them is $45,000 dollars and my home will be paid off.
Does anyone have any advice or know anything that would help me. My credit is getting worse by the month and in the process of beginning Bankruptcy procedures.

Thank you
Albert Belt

Hi Albert.

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Welcome to the site. I am sorry to hear of your current situation. First, let me ask, have you tried to refinance? Do you know what the value of your home is at this time, and is it your desire to stay there at all cost, or are you willing to sell if that can get you help quickly?

I'm going to copy your post and put it in the forum for more visibility if that's ok. I wish you well and hope that we can help you find a way to resolve this.