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First Purchase Prospect Question


There is a man that kept calling me since I received Dean's book on Millionaire in Real Estate. I haven't heard back b/c I could not take his call several times but am interested in finishing our conversation.

I am ready to purchase my first 3-unit rental in a beautiful home each are two bedroom and 1 bath 900 SF, 1200 SF and 1090 SF. I am not new to buying and selling real estate, remodeling, or hiring out contractors for work but I am brand new to becoming a real estate investor, buying additional properties other than our own home.

This rental property is in a nice location close to a college town therefore very desirable for couples especially and rents for $1500+ a month b/t all 3 rentals and asking price is $139,000. I believe this to be a very good cash flow investment. It has a lot of expensive updates.

Need Advise, Where do I get it?

Teri Sokolek

Idaho Falls Idaho


Hi Teri

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What do you need advice on? I'm sure someone on the forum could help. Be specific and I'm sure someone with the experience you seek will respond.
God bless,