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Charles Johnson
Charlotte NC
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Born and raised in a small town called Starkville Mississippi. I lived in a trailer until I was about 5 years old then my parents moved the family to a modest home in the country of our small town. Both parents worked a 9 -5 however my mother sold Avon to make extra cash to make ends meet. I never really liked school however loved playing sports "Baseball & Football" but did manage to graduate from High School and went to college but never finish. Worked in factories and plants driving fork lifts for about 8 years until landing a job at a computer factory working my way out of the warehouse packing and shipping onto the assembly line. Currently I have a very decent paying job however I don't have the freedom nor the finances to do the things I value the most like spending time with family and traveling the world helping people that are less fortunate.

Learning about Real Estate, Spending time with family and enjoying the benefits of being a Country Boy.

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Today it's official that I have made the commitment to join the DG Investor family and become a true investor by ACTION not just knowledge alone. I have spent some time looking over the many posts and have to admit that all the valued information and knowledge has given me inspiration to step out on faith and do the things that will take me and my family to the next level in our quest to Financial Freedom. Quite frankly this is huge step for me because it is something new however it's great to know that there is the DG family that someone like myself can leverage and not feel like I'm all alone. Even though no-one has verbally spoken to me directly the Silent Inspiration has worked it's magic and given me the courage to become the next Real Estate Millionaire. Thanks Again.