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Salt Lake Utah
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Good afternoon everyone; My name is Robert I hope this finds You all in good spirits.I just want to say that in the business of real estate investing this is a journey to your success. Here is a web site that could give you a lot of insight in your journey for success. www.thelawofattraction.com
Your succes works when you work your strategies for success.

Sincerely Robert

Finding solutions, in today's market for tomorrow profit. Movies, dancing, camping, and having fun with family and friends.

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Real estate investor
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In High School

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Hard money lendors

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Be careful in this area and although they are available, when you cannot afford to play the game of 18 to 22% interest in the long-term, or when you know the game to play for the short term. This would be to your advantage to look forward with this type of lending. The secret to this is to start out on a verbal interest rate of 5.9 short-term fix rate for the first five years. With no interest for the first five years you set your terms and conditions for your monthly payments in the range the $300 a month. Within the first three days of your contract it would be a good ideal to land up your buyers for the this tape of buyout of the property that you're going to sell. If any repairs need to be done to the property make sure you stay in $10,000 or less for any cosmetic repairs. When you can get your monthly payments between $300 and $500. On a lease option to sale you can technically charged $1500 for their mortgage or more this will give you a large safety net.

Hi Robert!

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Welcome to the DG family, as we call it, we're very happy to have you here! Thank you for the helpful post, sounds like you will have a lot to contribute to the forum. Feel free to start your own journal. We look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your rei journey with us.
God bless,