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Maria C. Deneault
Thompson, CT
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I am the Mom of three wonderful children and the wife of one Amazing Man..Kevin.
We have been trying to get ourselves out of debt for years now and find that as each year passes, we have gone IN debt a little deeper. We decided that NOW is the time for a change and after quite a bit of praying the LORD has lead us here.
I am now going to be running our Real Estate Investment business!! I am excited to see what the LORD has in store for us.
God Bless!
Maria <><

Spending time with my children & Kevin, Sewing, Embroidery

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Wife, Mom, Real estate Investor!!
Have Child(ren)
Some College

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Okay things are going slower than I would like, but I need to keep reminding myself that haste makes waste. I sometimes get discouraged and think that this will not work, but then I see all the progress that y'all are making and I know that I can do it too. It is difficult because we don't have any money to invest in real estate (or anything else for that matter) I need to keep learning how to be "creative" with financing. HELP..I need encouragement!